Accomplish more, together.

Two weeks of camaraderie and accountability with other makers.

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Invest in the community, commit to yourself

Join a small group of makers committed to showing up every day.

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Feel Connected

Meet like-minded makers who do their best work on their own terms. When times get tough, there’s always a helping hand.

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Get Inspired

Learn from the perspectives, approaches, and experiences of other makers. Sometimes a new point of view is all you need.

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Make Progress

Improve your strategy with peer feedback. Thoughtful prioritization paired with consistent practice is a powerful combination.

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Light programming, meaningful interactions

Take full advantage of our virtual studio. The more you put in, the more you get out.

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2 Week Sprint

Each Maker Sprint lasts 2 weeks. Set an achievable goal and DBTL (Design-Built-Test-Learn) your way to the end.

Daily Standups

Real-time status updates with your fellow makers. Daily Standups are focused and to the point (max 15 min). Don’t worry, you’ll have time to catch up during Open Studio.

Open Studio

Open Studio is where the magic happens. Hosted daily for 2 hours, Open Studio is a relaxed space where you can have a casual conversation, ask for help, and get some work done.

Retrospective + Demo Day

At the end of the Maker Sprint, you will participate in a Retrospective where everyone will come together to share their progress and reflect on the past two weeks.

"I went from zero to product launch and first customer in two weeks."


– Louis Barclay, Founder

We're planning our next Maker Sprint


Who qualifies as a Maker?

We define “Maker” as anyone trying to create something that people want. While many people in our community have a goal of making money from their work, it is not required.

What types of projects do people work on?

Any creative pursuit that involves building for an audience and adjusting based on their feedback. That is to say, if your project fits the Design-Built-Test-Learn framework, it's probably a good fit.

Digital projects work well because the iteration cycles can be kept short and cheap. We have people interested in making video games, online communities, newsletters, SAAS products, online courses, and YouTube channels.

Do I need to work on something new?

Not at all! Maker Sprints is simply a 2 week commitment to make daily progress on a project of your choice. Feel free to start something new or bring an existing project.

What’s the time commitment?

There are 3 required events:

  1. 1. Intro session (1 hour) - get to know your fellow makers and introduce the project that you will be working on for the next 2 weeks.
  2. 2. Daily standups (15 min / day) - hosted every weekday. Hop on a quick video call and share your status updates.
  3. 3. Retrospective (1 hour) - conclude the sprint with a 1 hour reflection session with your cohort.

Outside of the required events, we host “Open Studio” for 2 hours each day starting after the Daily Standup.

How much does it cost?

The cost to participate in a two-week Maker Sprint is $25 USD.

Can I sign up for a future sprint?

Absolutely! Fill out this form to get notified about future Maker Sprints.

"I've not experienced another group like this."


– David McLean, Founder